Is your Brand all over the place & communication inconsistent? Do you feel like your vision is clear inside of your head, but can’t make sense of it to others? 

Our brand therapy sessions are designed to bring you clarity.

The best brands are ones that people can easily relate to and feel empowered by. A solid brand strategy serves as the backbone of all of your efforts and flows through every aspect of your business. We can help you with successfully communicating your brand vision and aligning your values in a way that sets your brand apart.


Brand Clarity Package $400

  • Align your brand’s voice with your mission & values

  • Develop a solid strategy that resonates with your customers in an authentic way

  • Review & re-establish your brand’s position in the market

  • Discover your ideal client & gain a deeper understanding of your target niche

  • Get clarity on how to stand out

X Our brand therapy sessions are perfect if you are struggling in a specific area or are in need of guidance.



Extend your reach and attract new customers

Make deeper connections and establish a loyal Community

Save Time With effective and cohesive action plans

Gain New clarity about your vision and projects

Increase your sales


+ Initial 30 min call

+ Review and analysis of current positioning (alignment of values, market, target customer, online presence, and brand personality)

+ Best practices + action plan

+ 90min brand workshop (video conference or in person)

+ Basic tailored content & marketing ideas

+ Action plan


Our complete brand identity package is for those who need help in research and digging deeper into the ground work of their brand. From start to finish, we can help establish your guidelines, define your target customer, and create a cohesive brand identity.