Digital Marketing Made Simple: 7 Cornerstones to Guide You

With today’s countless amount of marketing channels and tactics, navigating towards your ideal customers can feel like being lost in a jungle. However, with a little guidance and direction, you begin to see an abundance of exciting possibilities at every turn.  

Here are 6 cornerstones to keep in mind while planning your route through the jungle of digital marketing: 


Entrepreneurs tend to be the biggest sufferers of FOMO. We admit to this too, and hopefully this news flash will take as big of a load off of your shoulders as it did ours: you do not have to be everywhere and do everything. 


It’s a huge misconception that you will lose customers or miss out on business opportunities if you’re not present on all social platforms, showcasing at all events, partnering with everyone who comes your way, and constantly putting out messages. In fact, this can actually hurt your business (not to mention drive you a little insane in the process, too). 

When spreading yourself too thin, you have a bigger risk of attracting the wrong customers and repealing the right ones. Instead of running in circles doing it all, stay on track by focusing on the 1-3 places that are proven to drive the most sales for your company.

2. Choose The Right Channels

Correlating with the first point, do not spend hours upon hours updating content on all social media channels. Again, trying to be present on too many channels and posting too often can easily turn into confusion. Additionally, you may find yourself sending out signals that are opposite of what you want people to see your brand as.

For example, Pinterest may be a great channel for one brand but a total waste of time for another. Youtube may be where you get all of your traffic, but written blogs may appeal more to someone else’s audience. There is no right place or perfect strategy, one size doesn’t fit all, so again, identify what works for you and do more of that. 

Girlfriends communicate and connected by mobile phone

It’s good to play around and try new things, however, make sure that you aren’t compromising the quality of your already established efforts or hurting relationships with current customers.


Always choose quality over quantity. Use your energy to create intentional, strategic content with real substance and value. Make sure each of your channels has a specific purpose and tailor your content to fit each.

This applies to the number of your followers, too. More might look better, but it doesn’t necessarily always work that way. Having a tribe of loyal customers who resonate with your brand is what matters most. Having 200 engaged followers is so much better than 100,000 paid or unengaged ones who don’t truly care about your brand. Focus your digital efforts on nurturing and engaging your current customers and all else will flow from there.


Authenticity is a huge buzz word when it comes to marketing, yet so many brand get this wrong. The key to being authentic is very simple : genuinely care about your customers. Authenticity is naturally reflected in all that you do when you care about making a difference in people’s lives.



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Being an entrepreneur is all about serving others. The best way to do that is to invest time in getting to know your customers. Go directly to your them and make an effort to get to know them. Show them that their opinions are valued, ask about their lives, their views, their challenges.

Knowing your audience and understanding their lives, pain points, obstacles, and challenges is essential to having a thriving business.


It helps to practice being a good listener: learn to read between the lines and really hear what it is that they are telling you. Address their needs and  pain points accordingly through your marketing efforts. Your customers will essentially give you all that you need to know for better guidelines on everything, from the right partnerships to the right channels to be present on and the right type of content to share. 

6. Make Room for 2-way convos

Even if you have an offline business and get to interact with your customers face-to-face, start building trust and making room for two-way conversations to flourish online. This way, your customers will become used to interacting with your brand and be more inclined to put time into engaging on social media, opening your newsletters, answering surveys, and sharing more about their lives with you offline and online.

Think out of the box: for example, the sleepwear brand Lunya consults with customers and invites them to “co-design” new pyjamas with them. I recently got the unexpected text message below from the brand Underarmed asking for my opinion on their next deodorant scent. This was a great door-opener and perfect example of how little things can make us feel valued as customers and draw us towards engaging with the brands of our life in deeper ways.



To debunk another misconception, you don’t always have to create new content. Instead, find creative and innovative ways to stretch and repurpose old content. Check your social media or Google Analytics to get an idea of what content to start from. 

You could compile your most popular blog articles into a downloadable e-book (or why not even a physical book). E-books are popular in B2B marketing, but even a brand selling natural cleaning products could create e-books on household care, organic recipes, and other topics to do with sustainable living. Alternatively, try using Canva to make infographics based on old blog posts and share them on Facebook and Instagram.

Another way to lift the weight off of your shoulders is encourage customers to share photos, videos and reviews of your products. Then, repost them onto your channels. This is a genius way to raise brand awareness, reach more customers, and increase engagement.  

Lastly, don’t only share your own content! Repost content from other likeminded brands, articles from online magazines, and tips from influencers in your industry.

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