Tapping Into Your Intuition: Why it may be the best business tool you’ve got


Know the feeling when you know certain things, without knowing how you know them?

That’s it , your intuition at work.  

Intuition is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. It is also called the inkling, hunch, or a gut feeling. Most of us know the value of this internal guidance system, which shows up sometimes as a quiet whisper and in other times as a loud inner alarm, however, we often misunderstand or completely ignore its communication efforts.  

Here we explore how intuition works and why it may be the absolute best business tool you’ve got. 


Society on a large operates from the left-brained “doing” mindset, especially in the world of business. We’re taught to gravitate towards the certainty that calculations, proved strategies and big data provide us with.

We dare suggest that intuition is the most important guidance we need. And we’re not the only ones : more than 40% of CEOs say they make decisions based on intuition despite having access to big data. Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein both credited this 6th sense for their success. Some of the most important partnerships, products and theories are born from following instinctive feelings.

The Science

In fact, intuition can be viewed as a natural, internal data processor. It is the result of your body’s own algorithms drawing information from your surroundings and processing millions of data points every day.

That said, there is a great wealth of information conveyed through gut feelings. The more we exercise this sixth sense that is available to each of us, the more successful we  become at hearing it. 

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A multitude of research shows that intuition commmunictes through multiple layers of unconscious perceptional intelligence. These messages are sent through our body and nervous system, and communicate in several ways.

Answers and signs may show up as an unusually strong peaceful feeling on some occasions, while in other situations you can experience nagging thoughts or feelings of suspicion or doubt. Your body also provides signals like goose bumps, butterflies, sensations in the chest, or a churning stomach. It’s wise to pay attention to these guiding posts as they come up.

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There is a voice that has no words. Tune in and listen.


We all possess this amazing skill and it is our benefit to learn how it works. With intuition one can make leaps in life, choose shortcuts, and open unexpected doors to better business opportunities and increased happiness.

When in tune with intuition, we gain an unconscious understanding of concepts and connections beyond our everyday conscious knowledge.


According to David Kahneman who wrote the book ‘Thinking fast and slow’, we have two operations in our brain. 

  1. One that gives information immediately: our instinct 

  2. A slower moving operation: our reasoning.  

Our instinct, or internal guidance system, offers a clear direction at every crossroad, carries information beyond your years and experience, and is the most loyal partner one could have. The only problem is that there is a little someone in the way. This one is called your rationale, intellect that works sometimes closely with your ego.

The intellect has loud voices that attach themselves to your surface feelings and try to override the deep voice of your intuition. The thing is, intuition cannot be understood or analyzed by the mind.

The focus here is on unlearning rather than learning to tap into this amazing gift. The first thing is to accept and trust that intuition is as natural as breathing and your journey with it will expand.


The voice of reason within us is loud and hardheaded. More often than not, it successfully steers us away from the floods of knowledge we hold within. But should we really let the analytical mind run the show?


We say asking your intuition to be involved in all business matters may be the best decision you could ever make. According to studies, intuition actually processes information faster than the rational brain.

Tapping into our intuition helps us to excel at light speed.

This new CEO, the business owner’s sixth sense, does not come from the head, but from the heart. That’s right, the heart. Science is discovering that our heart is involved in decoding and processing this intuitive knowledge for us.  

To give the intuition room as CEO in your business, it is good to detach yourself from imaginable outcomes and open to the unknown. Tune into the information around you and begin to explore how the dots connect.

One of the best practices for this is to S T O P. 

You know the answer by the way it feels, but to get it, you need to stop and listen. Take a step back to listen how you feel, not how you think.

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