How Doing Something New Everyday Can Transform Your Life


Western society is largely built on an obsession with productivity, results, and constantly doing more. Often times, the going gets so fast that we forget one key thing: life is meant to be fun!

That said, we have become serious about playing, for the lack thereof may be slowly killing us.  We love to have fun, take hilarious risks, and enjoy care-free moments every single day. Why not? Quoting a lively homeless woman who we befriended on the streets of Los Angeles: ‘The joy we behold is the salt of life’. 

To highlight the benefits light-hearted play can have on your health, work, and wellbeing, we want to introduce to you Ken Hughes, Charlie Hoehn and Lu Ann Cahn:




We’re inspired by Ken Hughes' work in behaviorism and his concept of ‘time bending‘. Ken spent 365 days doing something new that he had never done before. That’s something new every single day for an entire year.

Although it started off as a personal journey to add a bit of spice to his own mundane life, it quickly spread to those around him, in both his personal and professional life. Play, risk, creativity, and innovation is now a big part of Ken’s approach to stimulate organizational creativity in his own business endeavors .

My passion is to motivate others to unleash their creativity through a blend of discovery, fun, play, mischief and risks. Once you get started, it’s addictive.” - Ken Hughes

Play It Away

Why are so many people in the world burned out at what they do? I felt dead inside and had no idea how to fix it. I started to incorporate play in my life and in one month I was back to normal”, says Charlie Hoehn.

Charlie Hoehn is an expert on curing anxiety and has a bestselling book called 'Play It Away: A Workaholic's Cure for Anxiety'. We haven’t read the book yet, but based on his TED Talk and the title, it’s high on our list. How great would it be to learn to play everything away?

New things for happiness

Lu Ann Cahn had it all going on for her.. Or so it looked. A wife, a mother, a breast and kidney cancer survivor, and a award-winning journalist. However, she found herself in a funk and started doing something new every day to crawl out of it.

The resulting adventures, stories, and heart-warming moments are highlighted in this compelling talk. If you’re inspired by her talk, she also has a memoir called "I Dare Me", which is an entertaining look back on the year that changed everything for her.

So what now?

Make a list of new things to do in 2019.