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“We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are. “ – Anais Nin

We have the power to evolve ourselves and live within the ultimate state of existence. Our human experience is informed by 3 main components: the physical, mental, and energetic bodies. In our awareness engineering workshops, we focus on the mind and its powerful ability to affect our lives for better or for worse.


Awareness Engineering is a transformative training program that offers powerful tools to change limiting beliefs you live by or operate your business by. 

We all have limiting operating models and unhealthy routines based on false perceptions. These often come from our upbringing, education, and common but false societal beliefs, like ‘rich people are evil and greedy’ or ‘all men are cheaters‘ or ‘I have to go to school and build a career to succeed in life’.  

Because of these models, we have numerous daily thought frames and practices that hinder us from our potential. There are numerous nonworking models we all have instilled in us, which we must become aware of to break free of. Through our trainings, you will gain tools and practices to alter your old models and start reaching up to your full potential, step by step.


Even corporations have mental constructs, the written and unwritten rules everyone resides within.  These models become our norm, and can even become like prisons as well.  We tend to attract the same kind of mental models around us, and our norms get stronger.  This is great if they are healthy and support our growth, connection, strength and love. If they are unhealthy, the consequences can be very toxic for everyone. We all needs some engineering on these models though, so that we can clean up our ways, evolve and together operate in the ultimate state of our existence. 

Awareness Engineering

  1. Assessment of where we are now and what is and is not working; identifying mental and physical disconnections. 

  2. Getting rid of some viruses that has hindered us from moving into our potential.

  3. Installing new software that is updated with our modern age yet have its roots deep in the ancient wisdom.

  4. Setting intentions for next period of self and/or team development.

  5. Learning how intuition increases the flow of creativity and innovation.

  6. Tools for mind-hacking and daily awareness engineering practices that give you a tangible way to proceed and start making choices to level up.

Take away

You will walk out with greater mental clarity of where you are and where you are going.  You will get a new set of eyes, which will open a new level of potential in your life, where you can recognize the models that are and are not working for you.  You will have tools to sweep of the unnecessary and welcome in the new models of thinking and acting from your centered balanced self.  You will increase in self-awareness and self-confidence in a healthy way that feels like a gentle breeze.  You are walking away from this workshop with new tools and models to start or renovate your life blueprint.



Our minds work like computers that are programmed through our thoughts, actions, experiences and perceptions of the physical world around us.

When we repeat a certain thought, belief, or behavior enough times, it becomes stored in our subconscious mind and starts to silently inform and affect our daily actions.

Often the patterns we operate in are passed down to us by the people around us and society at large. We absorb ideas and take on the inaccurate beliefs of others throughout our childhoods. These end up limiting and trapping us into certain subconscious patterns without us realizing.


The average human being has 60,000 thoughts per day, 95% of them are the same as the day before, and 80% are negative. We have evolved with a negativity bias, which served us in the past, but does not serve any purpose in our modern world. Yet, most of us continue to live and operate in these cycles of toxic thinking and negative behavioral patterns.

Bad habits may be hard to break for this very reason, but the good news is that so are positive habits.

When we take the time to reprogram our minds with healthy, positive, life-giving thoughts we move from default toxic/down-weighing to default happy/up-lifting. This has a profound affect on our lives and the lives of the people around us.


The saying “change your mind to change your life” is very true. In the age we’re in now, we all need to clean up our hard-drives in order to move with the changes of the world. The different methods we teach in Awareness Engineering help cleanse our perceptions. Once we become aware of our minds’ limits, we can begin reprogramming our minds. Once we create new healthy pathways, we will eventually learn to move past the mind into new realms.

It’s time to install next level software.


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